About Justine

Photo: Irene Young

Justine Durrell was a biographer, poet, and attorney. As a biographer, she wrote about remarkable women spanning the centuries and the globe, sharing intimate accounts of their lives, which were filled with grace, great challenge, and creativity. Through her excellent research she related the external facts and internal struggles of these sometimes forgotten women. In addition to her focus on biographies, Justine wrote poetry for most of her life and is the author of Rabbits, Angels, and Luck (2017) and My Earthly View (2020).


“Justine I love your attention to detail as well as your supreme artistry. Thank you.”Jesse

“Please keep up your writing about strong influential women from history. This should be taught in our schools! We need Pauli back here right now. Thank you for writing this.” ­– Sarah

“What a beautifully written recount of what you know about your grandmother’s life.”Michelle

“This is an incredible and imaginative story taking me on a journey as I learned of her life. Her odyssey from an oppressive husband, her courage moving from one country and starting from scratch to become a highly independent and successful entrepreneur, and then traveling across the seas to follow her passion. Wow what an extraordinary woman. Thank you for this wonderful escape well written as always.”Maureen